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Eternal Elements van Tamas Lab

Audiostrove CD - Eternal Elements van Tamas Lab

Eternal Elements van Tamas Lab

Four ambient Audio Strobe programs are available to help you relax and to transport you to the different spheres of the four natural elements: WATER, AIR, FIRE & EARTH. Each title lasts about 30 minutes. 2 CDs set.

Typical sounds and scenes which have been recorded in nature are blended and interwoven with each other into a rich tapestry of auditory impressions, archaic and unknown at first, yet familiar as the images and sounds landscapes unfold..A realm that invites you to stay longer, to explore and experience its myriad depth.

The listed associations are paraphrases suggesting possible ways of experience; how you listen will determine your journey into this exciting realm of sound and light:

Sound Samples (te beluisteren geluidsfragmenten)
Track 1 [1.178 KB] Track 2 [1.192 KB] Track 3 [1.178 KB] Track 4 [1.176 KB]

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