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Mind Explorer Software vr beginners & gevorderden

Audio-visual stimulation and relaxation software

MindExplorer SW is a PC software designed to change your brainwave frequencies towards the beneficial states like relaxation, focused attention or good sleep, using auditory-visual stimulation (AVS).
With MindExplorer SW, any AudioStrobe compatible light & sound stimulation device is upgraded to a fully featured PC based light & sound (L&S) system. MindExplorer SW is a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP application that allows to create, edit and play light & sound stimulation sessions on a PC. With its long list of unique features, this software represents a valuable addition to any AudioStrobe compatible AVS system.

MindExplorer SW features:

MindExplorer SW uses AudioStrobe technology to control the light glasses of a light & sound stimulation system - via AudioStrobe decoder which is an integral part of some light & sound systems.
Rich set of stimulation parameters
The rich set of freely and widely adjustable stimulation parameters allows the sessions to be efficient, esthetic, natural and alive.
Session library
Users of MindExplorer SW have access to the growing library of more than 200 stimulation sessions. Thanks to the program's unique "Session Import" feature, even sessions originally created for other light & sound systems can be imported, modified and played right in the same way like native sessions of MindExplorer SW.
Session editors
Two fully integrated spreadsheet and graphic session editors make all session programming easy, fast and effective.

Light and Sound System Software

Export of sessions
MindExplorer SW can play sessions directly from PC while global session parameters can be modified during playing; but it can also export the sessions as audio records with embedded AudioStrobe light control signals to wav files. Using other programs, these wav files can be burned to CD's in normal audio CD format or converted to MP3 format and then played using any (portable) CD or MP3 player (with AudioStrobe compatible L&S system), without need of a PC for session playing.
User Wave Editor
User Waveform Editor allows to create new synthetic waveforms to be used as sound sources in stimulation.
AS ColorOrgan
AS ColorOrgan is a stand-alone light & sound entertainment software, distributed with MindExplorer SW, designed to produce light organ like show using any audio record and AudioStrobe controlled synchronized flashing lights. Best results are usually obtained with rhytmical music.
The software scans the audio record and adds light triggering AudioStrobe signals automatically. Many user adjustable parameters shape the resulting light show.

Key features: AudioStrobe compatibility (ability to control light goggles via AudioStrobe decoder) Ability to import 3rd party sessions Fully integrated, comfortable session editors A lot of adjustable parameters of stimulation High quality and richness of the sound part of stimulation Export of sessions in audio format (wav) Ability to create new sessions or edit the sessions provided with MindExplorer SW Adjustable length of session User-editable synthetic waveforms AS ColorOrgan: produces light organ like show, based on any music

System requirements: Processor: Pentium (or compatible) or higher 16-bit stereo sound card (low noise sound card is better)

You will receive a registered copy of MindExplorer SW within 24 maximum 72 hours per email or a download link.

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