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Getuigenissen van Brainmachine genieters

Light and Sound Machine "Just like dreaming..."

"The effect of a Light and Sound Machine is amazing! Before your inner eye unfolds a world of fantastic colors and figures moving in harmony with the changing melodies of the music which become almost physically tangible".A similar effect can be observed in the "Pictures within Pictures" in the book "The Magic Eye" where patterns printed on the page suddenly take on three-dimensional structures.

All in all , I feel healthier ! with a mindmachine

We soon became aware of the fact that we had developed a new medium for a synaesthetic experience of music".Besides the various possibilities of application in entertainment, relaxation, superlearning and therapy supplements, this represents a new way for self-discovery. The abstract patterns or personal memories or visualizations are no more than a prelude, just like constantly changing scenery behind a theater's curtain. We hope you will enjoy it and discover a world of experience with the AudioStrobe System and its programmes!
Each of the listed audio CDs contains music / programmes plus control signals for the AudioStrobe decoders. The CDs can be listened to as ordinary audio CDs.The glasses and the music have helped me to endure my migraine attacks much better. All in all I feel healthier. When I’m doing housework I just listen to the relaxation CD without the glasses.

A feeling of complete relaxation :

One can play with the colours and see how they change. One can see red dots and then suddenly various circles. The music is really well matched and stimulates one's fantasy.""One is immersed in another world: free, thinking of nothing, happy. Colours and forms came towards me, indescribable quite fantastic.""I felt so light and as if I were in another world and everything was so beautiful." "At first I had difficulty in relaxing, because everything kept blinking; after a while I saw circles, spirals and waves in all colours and forms. It was a very warm, pleasant feeling. This sensation flowed throughout my whole body. At the end I felt as if I was gently floating in deep water." "Great! Just like dreaming. Absolutely relaxing.""I had the feeling that I was in another world and that my eyes were completely open. It was very relaxing." "Flight into outer space. A carousel came towards me….. I am a sphere where various figures form…. I feel like a station which trains pass quickly through. I return back to space and accompanied by stars, I come back to earth." "At first, the lights I saw through the glasses were bothersome, but afterwards, strangely enough, I found them to be inspirational. I started to dream many dreams. Everything was most pleasant and soothing. I missed having a blanket..""It was a wonderful experience which one does not have so very often. In my imagination a big butterfly grew and flew over a beautiful meadow covered with flowers." "…After some forethought I decided to fly. I flew over a jungle and then over the sea. I was free as an eagle; then on through the clouds, farther and farther until I came to the sea again. Sometimes I flew swiftly, other times more slowly. I was as free as a bird.""Somehow in another dimension - beyond words! You don't' know if you have your eyes open or not…" "Impressive, relaxing, fascinating, dreams.""…in the second part it became very pleasant and towards the end similar to sleep. I was now completely relaxed and I felt cosy and warm…""I fell into a relaxing sleep.""At first the blinking lights were distracting, however after a while I found that they were a great help in allowing me to 'fall into the music'. I experienced a great feeling of relief and well being, as if I was in love. ""A feeling of letting go, serenity and security , just like before falling asleep."

Absolute feeling of happiness !

"Absolute feeling of happiness, no worries, no fears, one is far away from the problems and hassles of everyday life.. Your body doesn't exist anymore, so no pain, no weight problems or anything else".

"It was a very relaxing feeling, like suddenly living in another world. A play of colours and graphics of all varieties. One imagines the nicest things and beautiful memories of the past appear. It was an exquisite experience."

"This is how I imagine a journey through space to be! Completely unbelievable, exciting, calming, enrapturing a little bit of all these. The fact that there was only supposed to be one colour was amazing; I saw so many!"

"… I am alone. Spotlight, surreal, 'Traumwelt', breathing lessons.."

"Space and time dissolve"

"I nearly fell asleep.."

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