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MicroBeatMini Compact All-in-One Audiostrobe Glass

mBm AudioStrobe® Decoder Set All-in-One
with DVD containing 10 CDs in MP3 format.

Komt met / Comes with :
* MicroBeatMini All-In-One Unit (LED Light Frame + Decoder)
* High Fidelity KOSS KTX Pro 1 Headphones
* Rubber Light Shield
* Handy Bag for MicroBeatMini and Accessories
* DVD with 10 CDs as mp3 format ready
* plus one mBm AudioStrobe Sampler Audio CD
* Premium In-Ear Headphones
* mBm MicroBeatMini Audio Cable
* mBm USB Charging Cable
* Warranty Card
* Instruction Manual MicroBeatMini

Product-ID: MBM

159,00 EUR

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New : MBM Micro Beat Mini Audiostrobe Dekoder Set
Audiostrobe Cd's van Tamaslab voor je Photosonix Mind Machine of Brainmachine Photosonix NovaPro100 en Innerpulse --- Micro Beat Mini --- Psio Mind Booster --- Dekoder met LED bril